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Balance: Is There Such A Thing?

Someone asked me the other day, "How do you find balance?". This person I've known for a year so I pretty much know their moods and I've noticed a state of mind that I have been in a few times before. Often times your mood projects your state of mind. Sure enough, the conversation, before she ended it with that question, proved to me that she was at a crossroad. "I want to be all in but I don't want to lose myself" they stated.

Finding balance isn't easy but first and foremost you must make a conscious choice to find it and work hard to keep it. From Feb - June of last year I was out of balance so I decided to do something different - uproot myself and move to another city. Three months later I was balanced again - new city, new career and a new outlook on life. By December, I was still balanced and I wanted to keep it that way. I was happy helping someone else live their dream but I didn't want to get trapped in their dream. I invested in myself. I listened to successful entrepreneurs; I watched videos and listened to podcasts; I read books and revisited pages and pages of sermon notes from my Chicago Pastor and current Pastor. I promised myself that in 2019 I would read one book a month and step up my social media marketing game. I kept my promise to myself.

Although I am "all in" at my place of employment, I spend every ounce of free time on my personal brand - building, learning, grinding, hustling and adapting. I created a monthly budget for supplies and bought a 2018 calendar notebook to use as a content calendar. When I detach from the workplace, I really detach. I concentrate on me, my health, my family and building my personal brand. This is what gives me balance. I am deliberate in making sure all areas of my life are as in sync as possible.

I told her all of the above, plus, make use of your free time and utilize your husband and children. You will lose a little sleep but seeing the fruits of your labor is well worth it.

I had to learn and apply what I learned. It's not easy but keep the end goal - a balanced life - in mind at all times.

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