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Dalgona Coffee Craze

The internet is buzzing about the frothy coffee craze - Dalgona Coffee. It's all the rage on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest and started in January when Korean actor Jung II-woo showed his followers how to make the drink. The dalgona coffee has its roots in South Korea; dalgona means honeycomb toffee.

To make dalgona, it is simple as mixing instant coffee, sugar and very hot water with a hand mixer, standing mixer or a spoon. Mix until foamy, then spoon mixture on top of a glass of hot or cold milk (pea, almond, oat, etc.)

Instead of instant coffee, some have used espresso, matcha, strawberry powder, etc. to make different versions of dalgona. I used Matcha and it tasted amazing! See the results below:

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