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Why I Bake In Silence

Baking is therapeutic for me. Baking in complete silence creates an atmosphere where I can think through my strategies, master plans and goals. Often times, I find myself thinking about how I can change or enhance the recipe I am working on at the moment - add a touch of this, substitute this for that, use this brand instead of that one, etc.

While most people I know, who bake, cook or create, need music or the television in the background, I create better in silence - uninterrupted silence. I have a 3 year old grandson and an attention seeking 145 lb dog so between his tablet, cartoons on the television and the both of them rough housing, I am constantly on edge and being interrupted by an occasional loud noise lol. Therefore, I create in the early morning hours, long before they hit the floor looking for food or attention.

The absence of sound, coupled with baking, also helps me to destress, which is why, when interrupted, I sometimes go from a good, calm mood to frustrated. I don't take phone calls, barely answer text messages or FaceTime and God forbid someone knocks on the door lol. It's my moment, my moment to do what I love. I consider it "Me Time".

When my creation is in the oven or chilling in the fridge, I find myself on the couch, with a great cup of coffee, scrolling through and posting on social media. The only thing that breaks the wonderful silence is the timer ringing or the smell of the finish product wafting through the air. The finished product gets a great photo shoot and I share it with the world!

Silence is Where I Thrive

Silence is a Virtue

Silence is Golden

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